The private crowd-funding solution for efficient use of remittances

Context: According to the Wold Bank, people living in the diaspora send more than $426 billion every year from high-income to low-income countries to support friends and family.

Issue: Many financial providers have no means to track the actual use of the funds they send home – hence beneficiaries occasionally invest in sub-optimal options.

Borrowers are often unable to repay their Micro Finance Institute (MFI) loan due to external events. Confiscation of their revenue-generating assets by the MFI often leads to a vicious debt cycle, detrimental to all stakeholders.

On their side, the MFIs need to reduce their PAR to continue expanding their outreach to poorer populations.

Solution: Pay Direct enables a borrower to request support from friends and family to pay part of his/her outstanding debt directly to the MFI.


  • The MFI reduces its PAR
  • The borrower doesn’t default
  • The friend and family member in diaspora is able to fund a project that has been vetted and tracked by a reputable MFI/Bank