Data Insight Tools

eFloat Prediction Tool to preempt shortfalls

Enhancing the ROIC for the agent. Over-investing in eFloat is as detrimental as under-investing in eFloat. Enhancing the agent’s ROIC reduces the agent’s CHURN and increases the operator’s ROIC too.

Data analytics can help in identifying the exact level of stock required.

Daily recommendations will be sent to the agent regarding the minimum eFloat and Cash levels he should hold at the beginning of each business day.

The initial model will take into consideration standard data such as the past transactions made by the agent.


Organizations are faced with multiple types of data challenges

Quality: Data quality is the foundation of a good data strategy, and it can be out-of-sync, inconsistent, duplicate and extremely complex.

Sources: The disparate nature of hybrid and legacy systems, makes it challenging to leverage source data for its intended purpose

Size: With the increasing volume and complexity of data, working smarter, and not harder is crucial. Having the right tools for the datasets is crucial

Reports:  Multiple reports are produced to create various versions of the same truth to different users. This is not scalable

Expertise: Appropriate data warehouse / data analyst skills are difficult to find, and even harder to keep

Definitions: Data dictionaries are not available and users have difficulty interpreting results and metrics, due to lack of transparency

Literacy: A key component of self-service BI is that users has the ability to read, understand, create and communicate data as information, and in turn information into insights

Data Analytics:  Without the data foundation in place, getting insights from data is expensive and time consuming. Knowing where to start is key

We work with you to define and implement solutions

Onsite Visit: Perform a full investigation of data structures used and input systems, including analysis of all data sources, data quality issues and key risks. Identification of needs and key strategic objectives to identify quick win metrics and define data insights roadmap.

Set Objectives: Identify key business scenarios, and create a custom data road map to address key management objectives and needs

Develop Actionable Insights: Focused consulting on descriptive, diagnostics and predictive analytics; the tools needed as well as initial design of high impact solutions.

Upskill Management & Teams: Once dashboards have been developed and signed off, training and mentoring is provided to Management and key enablers to utilize the data solutions to manage business performance and operational requirements.

Work Smarter, not harder: Manage business requirements and insights at the click of a button. See where and how agents transact on a map, where they send to and what products are being used. Applications providing daily fraud statistics, churn measurement and suspicious transactional behavior.


We turn data into Management Insights

Personalized data and insights:  we provide customised predictive, diagnostic and prescriptive data solutions, tailored for Clients, based on your unique management requirements.

Data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics and modelling: Consulting expertise to provide real time management oversight and guidance for management & teams.  Source agnostic tactical and strategic solutions

Manage your dashboards & teams:  View, analyse and share your own dashboards instantly. Share interactive insights across the company. Use the tools to become truly data centric as a company and have data driven discussions with your team.

Adapt to multiple formats: Your customised dashboards allow you to adapt the format to your audience from corporate high-level daily emails on key performance metrics to full web-based, mobile and tablet friendly analytics for managers with data connectivity conscious views for field officers.

Getting the right data to the right people at the right time

Custom Data Insights distribution:  Get a daily email with dashboards and attachments with the data and insights you need, with the freedom to view when convenient.

Multi Format attachments: Emails can contain attachments in any Microsoft Office format, enabling no nonsense access to crucial data without accessing external portals

Scheduled for offline viewing:  Receive your dashboards and reports when you have connectivity without having to access secure networks. Reports and emails syncs seamlessly with excellent cloud based security features

Hosting analytics as a service: We know how expensive hardware can be. We offer insights as a service and assist with secure AWS environments where you can host you analytical environment for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy instant scalability and world renowned security.

Train, Mentor and build: Let us help you empower your own staff, and train and mentor your data/IT teams to become the new enablers in your organisation.


A proven track record of success

Our Data Team:  Get access to our data experts, with experience in DFS in 12 countries. Combined they have analyzed data of more than 100 million consumers in Sub Saharan Africa

Quick Turnaround:  Get your first insights in days not weeks. Working with the users to create tailored solutions that solves real business problems

High Visibility of Data: Building user-friendly interactive dashboards that provided intuitive insights into products, segments and areas.

Combining Disparate Sources: Load data from databases in different countries, sources, combined with flat files, switches and CRM’s, that provided clear view of business direction and risks